Thursday, September 15, 2016

Welcome to Grade 2!

Welcome to Grade 2!  We are excited for a new year together!  Here is some important information about our classroom to help us to be successful...

In Our Classroom…
We arrive well rested and ready to learn everyday.
We will use kind words with others.
We will follow directions the first time they are given.
We will treat others with kindness and compassion.
 We will keep our hands, feet, and bodies to ourselves.
 We will use good manners, such as “please” and “thank you.”
 We will take turns.
We will share.
We will apologize.
We will take care of ourselves, take care of others, and take care of this place.
We will have fun!

It is essential that students attend school each day to benefit from our carefully planned learning program.  Please make every attempt to be on time for school each day.  If your child is feeling ill or has a fever, we kindly request that you please keep him/her home from school.  If your child will be absent, please call the school absentee line and leave a message.  **If you are late, please go to the office to sign in.  Please do not knock on the classroom window or side door as it disturbs the children’s learning.**

Class Schedule
PE Days: Our PE days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  We will also have DPA (Daily Physical Activity) everyday.

Library Days: Our Library day is Monday.  Please be sure that your child takes care of and returns his/her books on time.

Home Reading Program: Students will be participating in a home reading program where they will bring home a book each day to read with you.  Please read with your child and date and sign the reading record in their Home Reading duotang.

Word Work: In addition to home reading, students will have a weekly set of words that they will be studying for the week.  They will be tested on some of these words at the end of the week.  Please do not have your child memorize the list.  Please focus on letter sounds and patterns.  Weekly word lists will be available on the classroom blog.

Back and Forth Bags:
Your child will be given a Back and Forth Bag (a labeled Ziploc bag) to transport their planner, notices, permission slips, and Home Reading duotang.  Please check the bag each evening and return it in the morning.  Please make sure to sign the planner and read and respond to any notes.

Food and Allergies
We encourage our students to eat healthy snacks and lunches at school.  Fruits and vegetables are good choices to send to school.  Please send your child with the appropriate cutlery (e.g. spoon, fork). Please send a water bottle to school with your child each day.  Please be aware that we have nut allergies in our school.  Nuts/nut butter are not permitted at school.

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